Monday, March 8, 2010

My Girls

So i was thinking, how do i start this blog? Think of an interesting story. Easier said than done. But i think i have a few. This one is about My Girls. Those 3 in the picture. The picture that won 3rd place in a local competition last year. It is my favorite of them. Them being my daughters, from left, Ava, Lia and Ella. I suppose the judges may have seen 3 cute kids, or maybe they liked the fact i enlarged the photo to 16x20. I'm hoping they saw the absolute comfort and love these girls, my girls, were showing eachother and to the photographer- yours truly as my dad would say. I mean, isn't that what really makes the photo, the connection the composer has to the subject? I guess i have it easy w/these 3. They are sooo photogenic and obviously comfortable w/the camera. Had to be since i've been shoving it their faces since they were born. Rarely does a viewer think of the photographer when looking at a picture. Unless its an Ansel Adams or Annie Leibovitz, your just looking at the subject. But when i view this one i'll be thinking of the love they have for me, daddy.